Organizer & Course Designer Features

An advanced set of features for all your course designing and event organzing needs!

Print paper course maps.

Print paper course maps for your competitors, volunteers and spectators.

Printed course map

Embed virtual course walks into your website.

Enhance your event website with interactive course maps and fence galleries.

Try it out with the map on the left.

Edit course maps.

Add & change course specifications.

Add & change fence pictures.

Add & change fence descriptions.

Make tweaks to the track line.

Edit fence & compulsory flag positions.

Edit course maps.

Course distance report

Course distance report.

Generate fence, compulsory flag and minute marker list with distances and times.

Fence dimensions report.

Generate a fence dimensions report that includes all the necessary fence dimensions.

Fence dimensions report

Share courses privately.

Courses can be shared privately between course deisgner and organizer while being worked on.

Once ready to be published, courses can be made public.

Getting Started