How fit is your horse?

Analyze your rides by overlaying your ridden track, speed and horse's heart rate onto your course walks.


Start with a course walk.

Record and share a course walk with the CourseWalk App.

Start with a course walk

Record your ride

Record your ride.

Record your ride with a GPS enabled fitness watch.

Import your recorded data into

Analyze your ride.

Compare your ride (blue) to your course walk (red).

How well did you ride your planned line?

Analyze your ride

Speed & heart rate

Speed & heart rate.

Analyze your speed & heart rate along the course.

Was your horse fit enough for the ridden level?

How much effort and time did you spend warming up?

How fast did your horse's heart rate recover once you crossed the finish line?

Detailed analysis.

Move the cursor along the track or plot to display detailed data of your ride.

How many times did your horse's heart rate reach the top heart rate zones?

How fast were your approaches to fences?

How fast were your gallops between fences?

Detailed analysis

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