Print a show jumping course map

CourseWalk: First record and share a course.

CourseWalk V2: First record and sync a course.

Then navigate to

Click the user account button in the top toolbar to bring up the profile menu. Log in if necessary.

Log In

In the profile menu click on "My CourseWalks".

My Profile

Select the course you want to print from the map or list.

Go to your course page and click the edit button and then "Edit Description".

Course Edit Menu

Change the "Course Type" drop down to "Stadium" and click "Save"

Course Edit Form

Click the edit button and then "Edit Map" to draw the arena.

Course Edit Menu

Click the "New drawing" button to bring up the drawing tools. Draw your arena around your show jumping course. Your drawing is automatically saved.

Course Map Edit

Click the edit button and then "Edit Fences" to change the fence icons to reflect the actual fence type.

Make the necessary changes to the fences and save you changes by clicking the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Fence Edit Form

From the course menu, click on "Print".

Course Menu Print

A page similar to the screenshot below will be loaded.

The map can be rotated by clicking the rotate button below the zoom buttons. Then move the mouse cursor over the map to change the map orientation. Click on the map once you have rotated the map to the desired position. Note: the satellite image cannot be rotated.

Make all necessary adjustments to the layout and click the disk button below the map to save the layout.

Click on the print button to pull up the print preview.


A rotated show jumping map is below.